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In addition to the day to day business of managing our assets, the Parish Council, as set out in the 1894 Local Government Act, also supports and sets up local projects that are for the benefit of the local community and will also speak on behalf of the local communty regarding any local issue or concern. Below is a list of some of the local projects and issues. Click on one of the subjects in the list below for more information. We will be adding to this over time. If you have any queries or would like to suggest a project or raise a local issue then please contact the Parish Council.

Old Marston Parish Council

CPZs and Parking

Old Marston has been plagued by congestion and commuter parking for many years. We have held public meetings and raised the issues with the relevant public bodies. Currently there is a consultation taking place regarding the implimentation of a Controlled Parking Zone in Old Marston. To have your say follow this link to the consultation homepage (deadline 18th September 2020).

Street Lighting

The Parish Council has agreed to pay for the installation of solar-powered street lights in Elsfield Road, School Lane, Back Lane (near school), Mortimer Hall Recreational Ground and Boults Lane Recreational Ground near the pavilion. As there is no underground electricity cables, the lights would have to be solar-powered. We were planning to instal lights similar to the one in Church Lane but have been informed by the County Highways department that they are still trialling this model and cannot guarantee the reliability of it. We are now looking at alternative models.

Footpath in Orchard Triangle

Over time the public right of way that links the kissing gate at Oxford Road to the Orchard Triangle, running parallel to the cycle track, has become over-grown with vegetation. We are planning to clear this area to restore the footpath.

Planning Whitepaper

The government has published a whitepaper outlining significant changes to the planning system. You can have your say on the proposals on the government webpage (deadline 29th October 2020).

Street Art: Underpass

The Parish Council has agreed to provide funding for a street art project on the walls at the entrance of the underpass next to Mortimer Hall Recreational Ground. We have spoken to the team at the City Council who manage these projects and to the Highways team who manage the underpass. They are both keen to support and assist this project. However the manager responsible for bridges has advised that the project may have to be delayed until 2021 because of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are planning to engage local young people in the project as a way of directing their creative talents and minimising unwanted graffiti elsewhere.

Oxford Local Plan 2036

This has been passed and will affect how the city will develop, including the building of more houses in the city. You can download a copy of the plan from the City Council website.

Youth Council

We are keen to encourage children and teenagers to take an interest in local government and to have their say on local issues. We have been discussing our plans with the National Youth Council with a view to setting up a local youth council. The effects of the pandemic have delayed these plans but we hope to continue later in the year. We are hoping that some of these young people will join the Parish Council in the future.

Bike Racks

We are looking for venues to install bike racks around the parish as a way of encouraging people to cycle more and use the car less. We have already approved the installation of several cycle racks outside Mortimer Hall (by the wall next to the house next door) and on the site of the now demolished old pavilion. Please let us know if you know of other areas cycle racks could be installed.

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