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Below are the minutes and agendas of the Planning Committee as well as information about the work of the committee. Just click on a link to download a document. The committee was set up to review planning applications that had a deadline for making comments which proceeded the next main meeting of the Parish Council. In the past a number of local plans were submitted, some of which were contentious, and passed before the council had an opportunity to raise any concerns. The committee only meets when a situation like this occurs, or if a plan needs more indepth investigation. Please contact us if you have any queries or are unable to access the documents.


  • To objectively view any planning application received by the Clerk where the consultation period ends before the next Council meeting is scheduled.
  • Once a decision has been made the Clerk will then report the view in the usual appropriate manner.


  • Peter Williams
  • Mary James
  • Pat Hall
  • Mickey Bates
  • Charlotte Vinnicombe

Terms of Reference

  1. Authority:
    The Planning Committee is appointed by and is solely responsible to the Old Marston Parish Council. The Committee duties are defined and agreed by the Full Council who may vote, at any time, to modify the Committee’s powers. The committee will meet quarterly but can also be convened to deal with special events as they occur.
  2. Membership:
    All members of the Committee will be elected Councillors, however, should it be deemed necessary non-councillor(s) may be co-opted to the committee to give expert advice. Any Non-Councillor will not have any voting rights. The Committee will consist of no fewer than four elected Councillors. At the full council’s annual meeting the chairman, and if felt necessary a Vice-Chairman, shall be elected. The chairman, or in their absence the vice-chairman, shall preside at all future committee meetings in that year. A quorum at the Committees meetings will consist of no fewer than three elected members.
  3. Record of Proceedings:
    Written minutes will be taken to record the Committee’s decisions and will be circulated to all Councillors with recommendations for the next Full Council meeting. The minutes will be published on the Council’s website and placed on the noticeboard(s). The Parish Clerk will be responsible for arranging the recording and distribution of the minutes.
  4. Responsibilities:
    Primary Purpose: To have the authority to view plans that need urgent decisions before the next Council meeting, due to the closing date of the application, being before the next Council meeting.

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