Early History in Marston

There is very little known about early history Marston. Below is what little we can find. You can also download a document with the information below by following this link.

Roman Remains

MARSTON, Oxon. Sherds of 3rd-4th century Romano-British coarse pottery were found in making an extension of Headley Way, immediately south of Old Marston.

(National Grid: 42/529082)

Marston: Evolution of Name

(aet) Mersce a. 1050 (late 13thC) KCD 862, 8057-65

(14thC) EHR li Mersttune C. 1069 (13th) Mon Aug

Merston’ 1122 (c 1425) Frid et passim with variant spellings Merstona,

Merson(e) ti 1285 Ass

Mershtone 1285 Ass,

Mershton 1316 FA,

Mershetona 1402 (c. 1425) Frid,

Mershtona 1411 (c. 1425) Frid

Mayston 1529 Church Accounts

Marston 1531 Church Accounts

‘tun on marshy ground,’ v. mersc

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