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Clerk: Tim Cann – 01865-203139, clerk@oldmarston-pc.gov.uk
Chr: Duncan Hatfield 07706998224, chairman@oldmarston-pc.gov.uk
Vice-Chair: Pat Hall 01865-241 696, pathall@oldmarston-pc.gov.uk
MP: Annelise Dodds, 01865-595790, anneliesedoddsmp@gmail.com
County Cllr: Mark Lygo, 07826527047, Mark.Lygo@Oxfordshire.gov.uk
City Cllr: Mary Clarkson, 01865751493, cllrmclarkson@oxford.gov.uk
City Cllr: Mick Haines, 01865421600, cllrmhaines@oxford.gov.uk
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Next Meeting: 19:00 Wednesday 4th November at Oxsrad + via Zoom
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News & Events

Parking Issues: Police Response
The parking in Oxford Road and around the parish needs urgent attention. We reported this to the police. This was their response:
This matter has been highlighted previously by local residents in the area but there are no road markings preventing motorists from parking along the Oxford Road. The police have limited powers with regards parking offences, as these powers where handed to civil parking enforcement some years ago.
I would suggest that this would need to be addressed to Highways to consider double yellow lines in the area or residential parking permit zones in the area.
This is something the local councillors could address under their next reviews.
Hill View Farm

Draft plans are being drawn up with a view to develop the land at Hill View Farm in line with the Oxford Local Plan 2020-2036. The City Council are in discussions with the architect regarding the proposed development. We have reviewed the plans and are very concerned. There are two developments next to each other at the end of Mill Lane – the main one for 157 dwellings. The second development is next to it on land owned by Oxford City Council. We had to make further enquires requiring this proposed development and have been told that the council that they have survey this land with the potential to build about 50 houses. Access to the site will only be via Mill Lane as the County Highways have said that there can be no access to the bypass. We are hoping a public consultation will be held, but in accordance with current guidelines in relation to pandemic. In addition some local residents have told us that they have not been informed about this development by the developer or planning department. Although the plans have not yet been officially submitted, we have already passed on our concerns to the architect, especially in relation to the access to the site, and will continue to raise concerns. We will publish any information that we receive.

Land West of Mill Lane - Consultation

In addition to the 153 proposed dwellings at Hill View Farm in Mill Lane, there is also a proposed development of 79 dwellings at Almonds Farm, a piece of land owned by Oxford City Council which is also on Mill Lane and next to Hill View Farm. There is a consultation which has just opened – the deadline to have your say is 12th November 2020. Both developments have been approved in the Oxford Local Plan. Follow this link for more information and to have your say: https://www.oxford.gov.uk/land-west-of-mill-lane


Calendar of Meetings
Main Meetings
19:00 4th November 2020 Oxsrad and Zoom
19:00 2nd December 2020 Oxsrad and Zoom
19:00 4th January 2021 venue tbc
19:00 1st February 2021 venue tbc
19:00 1st March 2021 venue tbc
19:00 5th April 2021 venue tbc

Recreational Grounds, Pavilion

& Cemetery Committee

To be confirmed
Finance Committee
18:00 15th February 2021 in Roy Garner Pavilion
Environment Committee
To be confirmed
Planning Committee
Ad hoc – for urgent planning reviews


Planning Whitepaper

The government has published the whitepaper on the proposed changes to the planning system. There will be a period of consultation that ends on 29th October 2020. To find out more and to have your say just follow this link.

The Town and Country Planning Association say ‘the proposals will undermine local democracy and fail to achieve the kind of high-quality places that the government is committed to delivering’. Oxford City Council

“The basis for the proposed ‘reforms’ is the claim that the planning system holds up development; this is demonstrably false. More than one million homes with planning permission have not been built, and more than 90% of planning applications are approved.

All Souls Memorial Service
There will be a Memorial Service at 16:00 on 1st November for people to remember loved ones who have died. The service will be held outside in the Memorial Garden and because of the current situation we will have to give priority for attendance to those who have had funerals in the last two years. However, we will pray by name for all those whose names we are given. There will be an opportunity during the service to light a candle for those who have died and also place a tag with the person’s name on a special “tree”. The tree will remain in place for a few days after the service so people can add tags to it.
Please could you pass this on to your Pastoral Group and ask anyone who wishes to attend to contact me (Eileen) (everyone should book). We may have space for some people who aren’t in the priority group or they may be able to spread into the next section of the Memorial Garden. I will explain the situation to them. eileen.palayiwa@yahoo.com
Orchard Triangle
The footpath between the kissing gate and the main field of the Orchard Triangle has been over-grown for many years. We have found out that the legal footpath actually runs parallel to the fence on the same side as the cycle track. However we have been keen to clear the footpath on our side of the fence to improve access into the Orchard Triangle. A team of volunteers from Marston Community Garden and from Good Gym have started clearing the footpath and planting wild flower seeds in time for next spring. We would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers.
Street Lights

The County Chief Engineer has advised that we cannot have street lights installed in Elsfield Road. However we will be having solar lights installed in the path between the cemetery and junction. Also solar street lights will be installed in the play areas and School Lane.

COVID-19 Drugs Trial

We have been contacted by the National Institute of Health Research who are looking for volunteers to take part in clinical trials for drugs to be used in the treatment of Corvid-19. We do not officially endorse this but encourage interested persons to make thier own enquiries. They have requested that we post this text: “People aged 50 and over are being sought to take part in a trial into treating COVID-19. Over 50s with specific underlying health conditions and all over 65s with suspected COVID-19 can apply to take part in the University of Oxford study at participating GP practices or www.principletrial.org. Participants are randomly allocated to receive usual care or usual care and an existing medication. It is hoped the trial can help people get better quickly and stop them needing to go to hospital. The study is funded by UK Research and Innovation and the National Institute for Health Research. Contact the study team at principle@phc.ox.ac.uk / 0800 138 0880.”

Highway Code Consultation

There is an open consultation to review The Highway Code to improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. To find out more and to have your say just follow this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/review-of-the-highway-code-to-improve-road-safety-for-cyclists-pedestrians-and-horse-riders

The deadline is 27th October.

Air Quality Action Plan

The Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) has been produced as part of the City Councils statutory duties required by the Local Air Quality Management framework. It outlines the actions we will take to improve air quality in Oxford City from 2021 to 2025. Follow this link to have your say: https://consultation.oxford.gov.uk/consult.ti/AQAP/consultationHome

Cyber Security

Thames Valley Police have started a campaign to encourage better cyber security. To find out more just follow this link: https://rlsd.co/p/QF1kKQ

Street Tag

The County Council are promoting Street Tag as a way of encouraging personal fitness. Find our more here: https://streettag.co.uk/

Thames Bathing Water Status
Emerging Local Plan Consultation

Emerging Local Plan Consultation: South Oxfordshire but will relate to the proposed development at lower Elsfield – http://www.southoxon.gov.uk/services-and-advice/planning-and-building/planning-policy/local-plan-2034

Arlington Drive Closure

Thames Water will be closing Arlington Drive on the section between Salford Road and Cavendish Drive. This is for maintenance work.

Starting on 1st December 2020 (at 08:00hrs), the anticipated completion date is 2nd December 2020 (at 17:00hrs).

More information here and download a map here.

Pavement Parking

The Government are planning to introduce legislation to restrict parking on pavements. You can have your say by going to the consultation on the Government’s website. The deadline is 22nd November 2020

Oxford Local Plan 2036

The local plan has been approved by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and passed by the City Council. The are three sites in the Old Marston Area that have been designated for possible development. For more details please follow this link.

Covid-19 Guidelines

To find the latest government guidelines – just visit their website

Guidelines from Oxfordshire County Council: The number of corona virus cases has been increasing in East Oxford. The County Council have issued some guidelines: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/council/coronavirus-covid-19/controlling-local-coronavirus-outbreaks

Any official notices, land transactions, financial matters, planning notifications, correspondence for the Parish Council and requests to see documents under the Freedom of Information Act, including archived documents, or if you would like to speak at our meeting, or would like to advertise on site then contact the Parish Clerk Tim Cann. You can contact him on 01865203139 09:00-13:00 Monday to Wednesday: at other times leave a message. Correspondence to be sent to Clerk Old Marston Parish Council, 8 Nicholas Avenue, Old Marston, Oxford, OX3 0RN or send an email. You can download a copy of our Accessibilty Statement here. Any information contained in this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but neither Old Marston Parish Council or the webmaster can be held liable for any inaccuracies contained in this site. The Parish Council is not responsible for external websites. Please let us know if you notice any errors or links not working, or any other issues.

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