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Clerk: Tim Cann – 01865-203139, clerk@oldmarston-pc.gov.uk
Chr: Duncan Hatfield 07706998224, chairman@oldmarston-pc.gov.uk
Vice-Chair: Pat Hall 01865-241 696, pathall@oldmarston-pc.gov.uk
MP: Annelise Dodds, 01865-595790, anneliesedoddsmp@gmail.com
County Cllr: Mark Lygo, 07826527047, Mark.Lygo@Oxfordshire.gov.uk
City Cllr: Mary Clarkson, 01865751493, cllrmclarkson@oxford.gov.uk
City Cllr: Mick Haines, 01865421600, cllrmhaines@oxford.gov.uk
Other Councillors: follow this link



Next Meeting: 19:00 Wednesday 7th October at Oxsrad + via Zoom
Latest Agenda: 7th September 2020 – link to document
Approved Minutes: July 2020 – link to document
Draft Minutes (Awaiting Approval) – September 2020
Archive Minutes: link to page of previous minutes
Archive Agendas: link to page of previous agendas
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Accessibility Statement: download the statement


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News & Events

Hill View Farm

Draft plans are being drawn up with a view to develop the land at Hill View Farm in line with the Oxford Local Plan 2020-2036. The City Council are in discussions with the architect regarding the proposed development.

Students and Covid-19

Hear from the universities, the City and County Councils and the police about how they will manage the return of students to Oxford: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/students-return-covid-19-safety-oxford-virtual-town-hall-tickets-121203351487

Swan School Works

Swan School: a drainage tank will be installed on 28th September – there may be some additional noise and some minor vibrations, but these will be closely monitored and will be for a short duration.

Emerging Local Plan Consultation

Emerging Local Plan Consultation: South Oxfordshire but will relate to the proposed development at lower Elsfield – http://www.southoxon.gov.uk/services-and-advice/planning-and-building/planning-policy/local-plan-2034

Arlington Drive Closure

Thames Water will be closing Arlington Drive on the section between Salford Road and Cavendish Drive. This is for maintenance work.

Starting on 1st December 2020 (at 08:00hrs), the anticipated completion date is 2nd December 2020 (at 17:00hrs).

More information here and download a map here.

Pavement Parking

The Government are planning to introduce legislation to restrict parking on pavements. You can have your say by going to the consultation on the Government’s website. The deadline is 22nd November 2020

Planning Whitepaper

The government has published the whitepaper on the proposed changes to the planning system. There will be a period of consultation that ends on 29th October 2020. To find out more and to have your say just follow this link.

Calendar of Meetings
Main Meetings
19:00 5th October 2020 venue tbc
19:00 2nd November 2020 venue tbc
19:00 7th December 2020 venue tbc
19:00 4th January 2021 venue tbc
19:00 1st February 2021 venue tbc
19:00 1st March 2021 venue tbc
19:00 5th April 2021 venue tbc

Recreational Grounds, Pavilion

& Cemetery Committee

18:00 21st September 2020 in Roy Garner Pavilion
Finance Committee
18:00 15th February 2021 in Roy Garner Pavilion
Environment Committee
To be confirmed
Planning Committee
Ad hoc – for urgent planning reviews


Oxford Local Plan 2036

The local plan has been approved by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and passed by the City Council. The are three sites in the Old Marston Area that have been designated for possible development. For more details please follow this link.

Local Police

We have been informed that our local police team are: PCSO Connor Davies and PC Simon Collins who hold responsibility for Marston & Northway.

Covid-19 Guidelines

To find the latest government guidelines – just visit their website

Guidelines from Oxfordshire County Council: The number of corona virus cases has been increasing in East Oxford. The County Council have issued some guidelines: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/council/coronavirus-covid-19/controlling-local-coronavirus-outbreaks

Any official notices, land transactions, financial matters, planning notifications, correspondence for the Parish Council and requests to see documents under the Freedom of Information Act, including archived documents, or if you would like to speak at our meeting, or would like to advertise on site then contact the Parish Clerk Tim Cann. You can contact him on 01865203139 09:00-13:00 Monday to Wednesday: at other times leave a message. Correspondence to be sent to Clerk Old Marston Parish Council, 8 Nicholas Avenue, Old Marston, Oxford, OX3 0RN or send an email. You can download a copy of our Accessibilty Statement here. Any information contained in this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but neither Old Marston Parish Council or the webmaster can be held liable for any inaccuracies contained in this site. The Parish Council is not responsible for external websites. Please let us know if you notice any errors or links not working, or any other issues.

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