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Work on the underpass wall has started with artwork by pupils of Meadowbrook College.

Our next main meeting is 19:00 Monday 3rd October 2022 at Mortimer Hall


Pavilion, Recreational Grounds & Cemetery Committee Meeting:  18:00 Thursday 22nd September 2022 at Roy Garner Pavilion – Link to agenda

Next Meeting: 19:00 Monday 3rd October 2022 at Mortimer Hall

Latest Agenda: link to agenda for September meeting

Business Plan 2022-2026: download the document here

Action Plan 2022-2023: download the document here

Newsletter: link to document

Approved Minutes: June 2022 – link to document

Draft Minutes: July 2022 – link to document

Archive Agendas: link to page of previous agendas

Accessibility Statement: download the statement

Accounts: links to all account items

Annual Report: download 2022 Annual Report

Calendar of Meetings

Full Calendar of Meetings 2022-2023 – download the document of meetings here

Recreational Grounds, Pavilion & Cemetery Committee: 18:00 22nd September 2022 Roy Garner Pavilion

Environment Committee: 18:00 30th September 2022 Roy Garner Pavilion

Main Meeting: 19:00 Monday 3rd October 2022 Mortimer Hall

Main Meeting: 19:00 Monday 7th November 2022 Mortimer Hall

Finance Committee: 18:00 24th November 2022 Roy Garner Pavilion

Main Meeting: 19:00 Monday 5th December 2022 Mortimer Hall

Staffing & Standards Committee: 18:00 16th December 2022 Roy Garner Pavilion

Main Meeting: 19:00 Monday 9th January 2023 Mortimer Hall

Main Meeting: 19:00 Monday 6th February 2023 Mortimer Hall

Finance Committee: 18:00 23rd February 2023 Roy Garner Pavilion

Main Meeting: 19:00 Monday 6th March 2023 Mortimer Hall

Main Meeting: 19:00 Monday 3rd April 2023 Mortimer Hall



Contact Us

Clerk: Tim Cann – 01865-203139, [email protected]

Chr: Duncan Hatfield 07706998224, [email protected]

Vice-Chair: Pat Hall 01865-241 696, [email protected]

MP: Annelise Dodds, 01865-595790, [email protected]

County Cllr: Mark Lygo, 07826527047, [email protected]

City Cllr: Mary Clarkson, 01865751493, [email protected]

City Cllr: Mick Haines, 01865421600, [email protected]

Other Parish Councillors: follow this link

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News, Events & Activities

Old Marston Parish Council

Bus Gates - Drop In Session

Old Marston Parish Council and Oxfordshire County Councillor Mark Lygo are holding a drop-in session on Friday 23rd September 2022 from 15:00 to 18:00 at OXSRAD, Marsh Lane, Old Marston. Council officers will be there to assist. Make your opinion count. All welcome.

Closure of Marston Road

Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice – S14 Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Temporary Road Closure at Oxford, Marston Road

This Order is being introduced because of installation of new cycle lane
facilities for `Active Travel Quickways Project` works which are anticipated to
be completed 2 October 2022.
The effect of the Order covers Marston Road between Old Marston Road and
Cherwell Drive roundabout, as follows:
Southbound – 21 Sept to 2 Oct. No driving between 19:30 and 05:30hrs and
No Waiting, loading and unloading for 24 hours.
Northbound – 26 and 27 September – No driving between 19:30 and 05:30

Link to Notice of Closure

Link to Location Map

Closure of Marsh Lane Flyover

Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice – S14 Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Temporary Road Closure at Old Marston, B4150 Marsh Lane Flyover

 In the interests of public safety; it will be necessary for Oxfordshire County Council to close the road as detailed above in order to facilitate replacement of bridge expansion joints.

 A temporary Notice is being made to implement the temporary closure and will operate from 03 October 2022 up to and including 07 October 2022. This will operate between 22:00 and 06:00.

 A Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice is being made to implement the temporary closure and restriction and will operate on the days shown above.

 Please note that Notices for urgent works can last up to 5 consecutive days only.

 Access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles and for those frontages within the closure area, subject to the progress of the works and liaison with the works supervisor.

 A copy of the drawing showing the extent of the closure and also the alternative routes for traffic is attached.

Further information regarding the works may be obtained by contacting Ben Dodds , Oxfordshire County Council on 0345 310 11 11.


Download notice of closure here

Download map of diversion here

Oxford Half Marathon

Oxford Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 16th October 2022. This will involve some road closures and travel restrictions in Old Marston. Find out more here: https://limelightsports.club/files/2022/OXH-2022-Comms-2.pdf

Messy Church

Messy Church returns on Sunday 2nd October at 10:00 at St Nicholas Church Hall Elsfield Road. Free and all ages welcome. There will be crafts, bible stories, singing, prayer and breakfast. Find out more at their website: https://stnicholasmarston.org.uk/messy-church/

Book Club for 8s to 11s

New monthly book club for 8s to 11s at Old Marston Library starting Monday 13th June 2022 at 16:15. Email: [email protected]

Old Marston Book Club 130622

Old Marston Book Club 130622


Emergency Planning

The parish council have put together an emergency plan. This means that should there ever be a serious emergency within the parish or nearby then the authorities managing the situation will be able to call upon and access necessary resources to meet the needs. In addition to accessing public buildings, there will be a need for qualified first aiders, people with 4X4 vehicles, use of equipment such as hedge cutters, and people who can provide assistance if required. If you are willing to become a volunteer then please contact the clerk by email or by calling 01865-203139. Your details will then be passed to the County Council Emergency Planning Team.

Reporting a Street Fault

To find and report road or street problems – please contact the county highways department. You can easily do this on-line by following this link: https://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/

Local Plan 2040

Oxford City Council is embarking on the development a new Local Plan. The Local Plan 2040 will set out the planning strategy for meeting the needs of the city. It will set out where new homes, businesses and community facilities will be built to make Oxford a better place to live, work and visit. It will also look at how we can protect the things that make Oxford special such as open space, ecological habitat and areas of heritage. It will guide how development happens, helping to support the transition towards a zero carbon city, ensuring high quality design, being conscious of health and wellbeing, and addressing inequalities. This is an early opportunity to engage in the development of the Oxford Local Plan 2040 and your opportunity to help shape Oxford’s future. To find out more just go to their website: Oxford Local Plan 2040 | Oxford Local Plan 2040 | Oxford City Council.

Any official notices, land transactions, financial matters, planning notifications, correspondence for the Parish Council and requests to see documents under the Freedom of Information Act, including archived documents, or if you would like to speak at our meeting, be added to our email alerts list, or would like to advertise on site, then contact the Parish Clerk Tim Cann.

You can contact him on 01865203139 09:00-13:00 Monday to Wednesday: at other times leave a message. Correspondence to be sent to Clerk Old Marston Parish Council, 8 Nicholas Avenue, Old Marston, Oxford, OX3 0RN or send an email. You can download a copy of our Accessibilty Statement here. 

Any information contained in this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but neither Old Marston Parish Council or the webmaster can be held liable for any inaccuracies contained in this site. The Parish Council is not responsible for external websites. Please let us know if you notice any errors or links not working, or any other issues.

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